Denise Welch leaves viewers outraged over ‘disrespectful’ Kate Middleton rant on Loose Women

Denise Welch left Loose Women viewers seriously unimpressed as she voiced her opinions about Kate Middleton and King Charles’ health. The TV personality, 65, who is the mother of The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, was discussing the royal family on Monday’s episode of the ITV panel show when she made the comments.

It comes as the Princess of Wales has not been seen in public since December, recovering at home after ‘planned abdominal surgery’ which forced her to cancel upcoming engagements. At the same time, King Charles went into hospital for an enlarged prostate, and during investigations, a form of cancer was found, though ‘separate’ to the prostate issues.

‘The Kate Middleton thing, I have nothing against her, I don’t know her. I hope she’s alright. Just tell us what’s the matter. Just tell us. Just do a photo, whether it’s from your bed or whatever it is. You are creating a media frenzy. ‘And now the conspiracy theories are starting, which of course they’re going to do. So just say what is the matter with her?’

Denise added: ‘I don’t understand them telling us about Charles’ cancer but not telling us where the cancer is and how he is. Don’t make half a statement.’

Ruth Langsford pointed out that some would argue even the Royals deserve a modicum of privacy – which was reflected in social media reactions to the segment, with users slating Denise for demanding transparency. User Alice asked ‘how is [Kate] creating a media frenzy? People don’t know how to mind their own business.’

@TellyVsPodcasts called her a ‘nosy parker’, adding ‘just because she over shares inappropriately.’ @Barryis7 agreed ‘Denise needs to have some respect for others women’s health privacy. Just because she likes to tell all about herself doesn’t mean everyone does.’

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