Woman wakes up with ‘strangest feeling’ then becomes a millionaire hours later

A mother of five’s ‘Friday feeling’ has turned her into a millionaire.

Ceri Ann Roscoe-Roberts, upon waking up, immediately reached for her phone on the bedside table and purchased a EuroMillions ticket online. Within twenty-four hours, she became a millionaire. Initially, Ceri had forgotten about buying a ticket for the special EuroMillions draw on 3 November, which created 10 UK millionaires in one night.

However, when she woke up on the Saturday morning after the draw, she had the same certain feeling, this time telling her that she had won. Ceri, 42, from Bangor, North Wales, said, “There was just something telling me when I woke on Saturday morning that I had won big on The National Lottery. It was the strangest feeling ever!

“I picked up my phone and looked at my emails, and there was one saying there was news about my ticket. When I realized I wasn’t dreaming, I turned to my husband, Paul, and screamed – ‘we’re millionaires!’ He is a very laid-back person and told me to calm down and to let him check.”

Ceri, a manager of a domiciliary care company, and Paul, 45, a golf course manager, have no plans to give up work. Ceri and Paul, despite the life-changing news, had the regular Saturday morning football run with the kids to do, so they were forced to carry on with life as normal.

“We actually made the call to The National Lottery from the car as one of our sons was playing football,” she added. “So we all heard the news together and the voice of the lady on the end of the phone saying, ‘I can confirm you are now millionaires!’”

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