Sister-in-law made shocking announcement toddler’s funeral

A grieving mum has shared her sister-in-law’s ‘ignorant and selfish’ behaviour during her two-year-old daughter’s funeral. Melissa, 28, was devastated when her toddler passed away after a long battle with cancer. Describing the aftermath as ‘the hardest time of her life’, the mum has struggled ever since and feels like she lost ‘a part of herself’ after the funeral.

While she expected the memorial service to be difficult, she never thought her sister-in-law would be cruel enough to announce her pregnancy during it. ‘She didn’t make a big announcement but more than ten people at the service ‘heard’ and it’s what everyone was talking about. To understate it, I was livid,’ Melissa wrote on Reddit.

Melissa recently found out she was pregnant again, and her family has been pushing for her to have a baby shower. Despite wanting to celebrate, Melissa said she was worried about her sister-in-law causing another scene at the event. ‘I’ve been working on who I want to invite, and I really don’t want my SIL there,’ she said.

‘Besides what she did, she’s a vindictive and mean person and I cannot stand her. ‘I mentioned it to my husband and he says he couldn’t care less whether she’s there or not. But for the sake of saving face, I want opinions before I do this.’

She asked the online forum if she would be ‘an a**hole’ for not inviting her and added that she would still be inviting her husband’s other sister and husband’s brother’s wife. ‘The original SIL will be the only one not invited,’ she wrote.

Many slammed the sister-in-law for her selfish behaviour. ‘I wouldn’t want someone like that around me. Announcing a pregnancy at a child’s funeral is insane,’ one said. ‘Cut her off and ignore everyone close to her. You are right to have nothing to do with her. She’s totally classless.’

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