Royal husband’s cause of death was ‘traumatic head wound’ with gun found nearby

LADY Gabriella Kingston’s husband died from a “traumatic head wound,” an inquest has revealed. Thomas Kingston, 45, was unexpectedly discovered dead on Sunday while visiting his parents for lunch. He was found in an outbuilding at his family’s Cotswolds home.

In a tragic turn of events that has stunned the Royal Family, Thomas locked himself in the building while his father took the dogs for a walk. After 30 minutes, Thomas’ father, Martin, had to force entry and found his son’s body.

An inquest opening at Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court today sadly disclosed Thomas’ cause of death. The financier died from a “traumatic head wound” and was found with a gun nearby.

Senior coroner Katy Skerrett stated on Friday: “Mr Kingston was visiting his parents’ home in the Cotswolds.

“On February 25, 2024, he had lunch with his parents. His father went out to walk the dogs. “On his return, Mr Kingston was not in the house, and after approximately 30 minutes, his mother went to look for him. “His father forced entry into a locked outbuilding when no reply could be gained. “He found Mr Kingston deceased with a catastrophic head injury. A gun was present at the scene.

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