Gunmen on moped open fire in London leaving multiple casualties

A moped gunman unleashed gunfire in London’s Clapham Common during a police pursuit. According to the London Ambulance Service, three individuals sustained injuries, with one swiftly taken to a hospital, while others received treatment at the scene.

Numerous Metropolitan Police vans and cars converged outside the Tube station as the perpetrator evades capture. Reports indicate the incident occurred outside the Belle Vue pub, with the assailant wielding a shotgun.

A local barber, identified as Kaka, 34, from Chop Barbers, expressed his shock upon hearing gunshots near his shop close to the Common. Recalling the moment, he said: “I was in the shop just before 5pm and I heard a gunshot up the road. We were all shocked as it was so close, the police were everywhere afterwards.”

A police statement elucidated: “At 4.55pm, police were in pursuit of a moped that had failed to stop in the Clapham area. A firearm, believed to be a shotgun, was discharged from the moped in the vicinity of Clapham Common South Side.”

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