Prince William to build houses in his back garden for homeless people

The Prince of Wales has revealed intentions to construct residences on his personal land to address homelessness in the South West of England.

Teaming up with Cornish homelessness charity St Petrocs, the initiative will deliver 24 homes in Newquay on the Duchy of Cornwall land with ‘wrap around support’ for local individuals experiencing homelessness to establish a pathway to a permanent residence.

The establishment of ‘high-quality temporary accommodation that feels like home’ is set to commence in September, with the first residences projected to be finished in the autumn of the following year, as per a statement from the estate.

The Duchy of Cornwall encompasses a portfolio of land, property, and investments valued at over £1 billion, which generate income for the heir to the throne.

In a newspaper interview last year, William, also known as the Duke of Cornwall – a title inherited from his father following Queen Elizabeth II’s death – was questioned about plans for affordable housing on his Duchy of Cornwall land and responded: ‘There is. Absolutely. Social housing. You’ll see that when it’s ready.’

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