Off-duty British soldier throws back 7 Hamas grenades before eighth explodes killing him

New video footage depicts the moment an off-duty soldier tossed back seven grenades at Hamas terrorists while safeguarding others.

British-Israeli Aner Shapira, 22, found himself in the midst of the October 7 attacks at the Supernova Festival and succeeded in rescuing a group of people, but tragically lost his life in the process.

Even as Hamas surrounded the entrance to the bomb shelter, Israeli soldier Aner sprang into action. The recently unveiled clip reveals a group of soldiers surrounding the bomb shelter, subsequently hurling several grenades inside.

However, each time a grenade was thrown into the shelter, Aner skillfully tossed it back at the terrorists.

Over the span of four minutes, Hamas gunmen can be observed ducking as the explosives they threw into the bomb shelter returned, even prompting them to call for backup.

In an interview with Kan News, Aner’s mum mentioned that her son was protecting other festivalgoers who were hiding in the bomb shelter. She added, ‘He stood at the entrance and threw the grenades out. And he managed to save so many people.’

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