Nicola Bulley’s family hit by fresh agony

Relatives of Nicola Bulley endured another distressing incident last night when heartless criminals used her image on a dating site.

The culprits obtained the photos from a police appeal launched when the mother-of-two went missing in January this year. They shamelessly created profiles on the dating site with these stolen images.

Operating under the guise of fake identities, known as “catfish cons,” the fraudsters targeted vulnerable men and women, luring them into relationships with false promises of love.

Among the deceptive profiles, one displayed a picture of Ms Bulley, but the name attached to it was Faustina. Another impostor claimed to be a 41-year-old woman named Elorm. The family was already aware of this distressing incident, and they had already been through an unimaginable ordeal.

A close source to the family disclosed that they plan to involve lawyers to address the matter and will keep a vigilant eye on the situation.

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