BBC newsreader George Alagiah’s heartbreaking final wish before his death aged 67

On Monday, 24th July, it was announced that the esteemed newsreader had passed away after being diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer, which had metastasized to his liver and lymph nodes.

The journalist had been the main anchor for BBC One’s News At Six since 2007, and his agent conveyed in a statement: ‘George was deeply loved by everyone who knew him, be it a friend, colleague, or a member of the public. He was simply a wonderful human being. My thoughts are with Fran, the boys, and his extended family.’

During last night’s broadcast of the programme, Raworth paid tribute to her late colleague, mentioning that she had seen him ‘just a few weeks ago.’

‘He told me he had hoped to return to work one last time to express his gratitude and bid farewell, right here, live on air in the studio,’ she said.

‘Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance, so we are doing it for him. I will now leave you with George Alagiah in his own words.’ The show then featured a segment in which Alagiah shared insights about his life, explaining that he now views it as ‘divided into pre-cancer and post-cancer.’

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