ITV presenter Fiona Phillips reveals ‘heartbreaking’ health diagnosis aged 62

ITV presenter Fiona Phillips has announced that she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The 62-year-old journalist received the diagnosis a year ago after experiencing months of brain fog and anxiety. She is currently participating in trials as part of research into a groundbreaking treatment being investigated by scientists.

Confirming the “heartbreaking” news to The Mirror, columnist Fiona revealed that the illness has had a devastating impact on her family and has now affected her as well.

“And all across the country, people of various ages are being affected by it – it’s truly heartbreaking,” she expressed.

“I simply hope that I can contribute to finding a cure that may improve the lives of others in the future.”

“It’s something I might have expected to develop at the age of 80. But I was only 61 years old,” she added.

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