Brit tourist, 21, raped by Greek man in hotel on holiday island of Rhodes

A British tourist has made an accusation against a 47-year-old Greek man of raping her in a hotel while on vacation on the island of Rhodes, as reported by local media.

The 21-year-old claims that she was assaulted at approximately 2 am on Monday in Pefkos and subsequently lodged a complaint with the local police a few hours later, resulting in the initiation of a legal case.

According to Greece’s ANT1News, the young woman’s lawsuit asserts that the older man took her from a “health care store” in Lindos, located in the southern part of the island, to a hotel in Pefkos, the main city on the island situated about 15 miles away from Turkey.

The news outlet states that the woman alleges that the man compelled her to engage in sexual intercourse through threats of physical violence. Following the filing of her complaint, the police requested the assistance of a medical examiner to conduct an assessment, as per ANT1News.

She has surrendered the garments she was wearing on the night of the incident, which will be sent to Greece’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations for DNA testing. According to the same publication, a second British woman filed a complaint regarding an incident in Faliraki, which is located seven miles south of Pefkos, just 24 hours earlier.

It is reported that the 18-year-old British tourist was assaulted in the early hours of Sunday, July 2, at a nightclub in the popular destination. She has informed the police that she was at the club with two of her friends when she suspects that an unknown individual injected her with a narcotic substance in her hand, unbeknownst to her at the time.

From that point onward, she claims to have experienced complete memory loss, leading her to suspect that she was surreptitiously injected with some form of drug.

Similar to the first case, an examination by a coroner has been ordered, and the police have launched an investigation into the alleged assault.

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