‘Delirious’ woman killed elderly patient in hospital ward in front of horrified nurses

A woman who killed an elderly patient in a hospital ward by repeatedly striking her head against the floor has been sent to prison.

Philomena Wilson, aged 56, assaulted 83-year-old grandmother Vidya Kaur at Birmingham City Hospital in January 2021.

Wilson was also a patient at the hospital, and it was determined that she was experiencing a “temporary delirium most likely linked to her abuse of drugs and alcohol” at the time of the attack.

Mrs Kaur sustained severe head injuries, including a fractured skull, which ultimately led to her death three weeks later.

Initially, Wilson claimed to have no recollection of the events that occurred that morning. However, she later pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Prosecutor Michael Burrows KC informed Birmingham Crown Court: “During the early hours of the morning, a nurse at City Hospital was assisting an elderly person to the toilet. Philomena Wilson was a patient in the same ward. She left her bed and assaulted her. She attempted to push the nurse away from Mrs Kaur and then forcefully pushed Mrs Kaur, causing her to fall face first onto the floor. She proceeded to kick the nurse and repeatedly struck Mrs Kaur’s head against the floor. Another patient and a healthcare assistant intervened, and Wilson also assaulted them. Security guards eventually arrived, and Wilson was escorted back to her bed. Experts unanimously agree that Wilson was experiencing an acute mental disorder at the time of the incident. Despite her mental disorder, she was aware of her actions. She attacked both the nurse and Mrs Kaur, with the latter offering no resistance. Mrs Kaur likely lost consciousness upon hitting the floor, but Wilson continued to assault her and attempted to reach her even when restrained.”

On Friday, Wilson received a seven-year prison sentence, with an additional five-year period of supervision upon release.

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