BREAKING: Major tourist attraction evacuated

The Blue Lagoon, one of Iceland’s most beloved tourist attractions, has been evacuated once again due to ‘increased seismic activity’. Magma movements beneath the lagoon, situated just east of SĂ˝lingarfell on the southern Reykjanes Peninsula, have been detected since last week.

Currently, there appears to be a halt in the magma’s movement approximately 2.5 miles underground, and the earthquakes signaling a potential eruption have subsided.

‘Nevertheless, with the situation remaining uncertain, the possibility of an imminent fissure eruption cannot be discounted,’ stated the Icelandic Meteorological Office yesterday.

Thus, the closure of the Blue Lagoon is understandable as a precautionary measure.

‘Iceland is a land of continual transformation. Seismic and volcanic activities have shaped and reshaped the island over thousands of years,’ the company remarked in a statement on its website.

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