BBC Antiques Roadshow guest ‘storms off set’ after valuation leaves him ‘fuming’

A guest on Antiques Roadshow reportedly left the set in a huff after receiving a disappointing valuation from expert Will Farmer.

The BBC show features members of the public seeking impressive valuations for their antiques from experts. While some guests receive high valuations, others are told their items hold little monetary value. Will Farmer, an expert on the show since the early 2000s, has often provided substantial price tags for items.

Speaking to Express, Farmer recounted an incident: “It was sold as a very rare 17th-century glass bottle, and he said he’d paid £1,000 for it. He said he’d bought it from an antique shop so I knew I had to tread carefully.” After consulting his colleagues, Farmer had to break the news to the guest that their ‘antique bottle’ was just an ordinary piece of glass.

To compound the disappointment, the valuation was nowhere near the original £1,000. Farmer recalled, “I had to go back and I remember this poor man’s face dropped. He just took it out of my hand, put it in the bag, and walked off.”

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