Woman with ‘world’s biggest lips’ wants to go bigger despite doc’s ‘fatal’ warning

A “REAL-LIFE Barbie” who wants the “world’s biggest lips” wants an even bigger pout despite doctors warning that more ops could kill her.

Andrea Ivanova, 23, from Bulgaria, also plans to boost her breasts, and change her facial features to emulate the famous doll.

Andrea has previously increased her breast size from a 75C to a 75E cup – but wants to increase her boobs to an H cup.

The Bulgarian, who lives in Sofia, believes she has the “biggest lips in the world”.

She said: “I already have 25 injections of hyaluronic acid in my lips.”

However that is not enough for Andrea, who has vowed that nothing will stop her from super-sizing her lips even more, although they are so huge they nearly block her nostrils.

Andrea’s doctor has warned her to pay attention to any pain in her lips, as future procedures could potentially be “fatal”.

But, despite the risks – and the everyday complications that come with having huge lips, such as eating meals – she insists she can’t get enough of the acid jabs.

The Barbie fan said: “A few days ago, I went on one lip augmentation procedure.

“My doctor warned me if my lips hurt or there is a problem to call him immediately because there is a risk of dehydration.

“So he recommended me to lubricate my lips with moisturising balms so that nothing fatal happens.  

“But I will continue to enlarge my lips for sure.”

Plus she wants to change the shape of her face and chin in major facial reconstruction surgery.