Weddings, social distancing and masks update delayed as PM wants more time

BORIS Johnson has delayed unveiling rules around social distancing, mask-wearing and weddings for after June 21 – because he wants more time to assess the outbreak of the Indian variant. 

The Prime Minister had hoped to make an announcement on post-Freedom Day measures “by the end of the month”, but this has been pushed back into next week.

No10 today signalled Brits would have to wait at least another week while officials pore over the latest data.

The PM’s official spokesperson said today: “I think it’s reasonable for a new variant such as this and the need to gather as much data as possible to inform our decisions.

“It’s right to take the time to get that information before making those final decisions.” 

Mr Johnson remains optimistic about being able to end all legal restrictions as per his roadmap on June 21.