Visitors stunned as Mona Lisa painting is ATTACKED

This is the moment a man was dragged away by security guards after throwing a custard pie at the Mona Lisa painting.

Visitors to the Louvre art gallery in Paris were left stunned by the incident which happened moments before closing time on Sunday night.

Witnesses said a man, who was wearing a wig and dressed as a woman, was rolling past Leonardo da Vinci’s famous masterpiece in a wheelchair before suddenly leaping to his feet and launching a pie at the canvas.

The perpetrator then threw a bouquet of roses into the air and was tackled to the ground by Louvre security guards moments later.

No damage was caused to the priceless painting which is protected by a bulletproof screen.

Scores of bystanders watched on, snapping pictures of the Mona Lisa which was partially obscured from view by smears of pie crusted on the protective glass.

The man, who wore a dark black wig and lipstick, turned out to be an artist and climate change activist who said he pied the prized painting in protest.

‘Think about the Earth. People are in the process of destroying the Earth!’ he declared as he was led away by security guards.

‘Artists think about the Earth, that’s why I did this. Think of the planet!’

Officials returned to the scene moments later to wipe away the smeared dessert from the glass as stunned gallery visitors watched on.