Urgent warning after two mystery men try to snatch girls outside primary school

A primary school has issued an urgent warning to parents after two mystery man attempted to snatch girls outside the gates.

Woodfield Primary School in Balby, Doncaster, has sent an urgent email telling parents about the worrying incident.

A spokesperson for Woodfield Primary School confirmed both the children were safe at home.

One of the men were arrested by South Yorkshire police but the other escaped, the headteacher told worried parents in an email.

They stressed the need for extra vigilance in a statement.

It read: “You may already be aware due to reports on social media but we have been informed this morning that yesterday evening two men attempted to snatch two children of primary school age from Weston Road.

“One was caught and arrested and the other got away. Thankfully both girls are safe.

“Please be extra vigilant and ensure you report in anything untoward to the police direct.

“We strongly recommend that all children are collected from school by an adult over the age of 18.”