UK forecast: Spain’s 47C heatwave to trigger extreme heat across Britain

Britons may be confronted with an unprecedented heatwave, as a meteorologist has cautioned that the scorching temperatures of 47C witnessed in Spain could sweep across other areas of Europe.

There is mounting concern about the impact of climate change as the mercury threatens to surpass the highest recorded temperatures of 2023.

Following a heatwave in Spain, temperatures are expected to approach 30C this weekend and could continue to rise.

Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, informed The Daily Express: “Currently, the focus is on Spain for the upcoming weekend, with the possibility of record-breaking temperatures, with 47.6C being the current record.”

He further stated, “In light of climate change, we find ourselves in highly uncertain times, potentially standing at a critical juncture.”

Dale’s projection of 47.6C coincides with warnings from experts at WXCHARTS that Iberia is likely to experience a heatwave.

According to the weather website, certain regions of Spain could see temperatures soar to 44C, while parts of Portugal could reach 43C.

The Met Office has forecasted that temperatures in London will climb to 27C over the weekend.

The UK’s national weather service also indicated that Manchester could experience temperatures as high as 25C, but other parts of Britain may have slightly lower readings.

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