UK faces ‘European monsoon’ with heavy rain until temperatures soar to 26c in July

Despite a miserable week ahead, Brits need to be patient as more summer weather is just around the corner.

The Met Office has predicted wet and windy conditions over the next few days, with frequent showers and highs of just 15°C.

Forecasters say a ‘European monsoon’ is taking over as four bursts of Atlantic low pressure are set to hit the UK over the next week or so.

It feels a far cry from the heatwave and hottest days of the year recorded so far just one week ago.

But thankfully by next week, temperatures are set to climb back up to 26°C just in time for July.

It comes after days of flood warnings and thunderstorms across the country, which have now passed leaving showers in their wake.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkhill said: ‘The heaviest rain will be in the south east, but partly because of the timing the impacts aren’t thought to be heavy enough to warrant a warning at the moment.

‘On Monday there will be more showery rain coming up from the south affecting the southern half of England.

‘On Tuesday it is looking like a dryer day, but more wet weather will come in from the west-north-west as we go into the latter half of next week.

‘There will be some dryer days but that is not to say that we have come to the end of this unsettled period.’

It is a similar picture across the UK, with all four countries facing at least another week of grey skies.

‘There has been quite a lot of unsettled weather recently,’ Mr Burkhill added.

‘The heaviest has generally been across southern parts – moving in from the near continent, across the Channel and into the UK.’

The Met Office defined the ‘European monsoon’ as an ‘ill-defined phenomenon that applies to a return of westerly winds in June following a possible weakening in late spring’.