The Chase’s Bradley Walsh threatens to leave set because he ‘can’t deal’ with contestant

Bradley Walsh found himself unable to cope with one famous contestant on The Chase Celebrity Special on Saturday afternoon when his dance moves left him cringing.

The 51-year-old TV and radio presenter went so far as to cross the studio to get away from restaurant critic Giles Coren as he wasn’t a fan of his dance moves.

Giles impressed fans from his appearance on the ITV quiz show as he racked up £8,000 on the celebrity special of the ITV hit show.

He was joined by a star-studded cast of Josie Long, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel Johnson and Chris Packham.

Taking the risk to multiply his earnings for charity, Gilles opted to go for the higher offer of £40,000 and faced Chaser Paul Sinha.

A question about “mood boards” got Giles excited as he quickly answered with the correct choice.

The question was: “What name is given to a collage of ideas and images used by a designer to create projects?”

There were three answers available for Giles to pick from, including mind panel, mixing shelf, and the correct answer of “mood board”.

Bradley questioned how the food critic knew which was the correct option, but quickly regretted asking as Giles began to dance.

He turned to Bradley and flaunted finger guns, saying: “Cause I was in the mood!”

Bradley dramatically feigned despair as her stormed away to the other contestants.

Making a jab at Giles’ finger guns, he chided: “None of your dance moves here son. We can’t be dealing with that!”

Bradley quickly changed his tune as he returned to the podium, with the game continuing Giles proved that while his dance moves could be improved he was really good at The Chase. 

The journalist easily bagged £40,000 for the finale with the Chaser even getting annoyed with how well he was performing, suggesting he get a question wrong for the sake of the viewers. 

Paul joked: “Might as well get one wrong and make it exciting.”

It wasn’t just the Chaser who noted how impressive Giles’ performance was, with viewers watching at home being so wowed by his know-how that one even suggested he might have found a new job.

One Twitter user said: “Quite impressive in the Chase.”

“40k well done on the chase!,” wrote a second, and a third penned: “Giles should be a chaser.”