Snow warnings for UK with temperatures to plummet by 10c

People in parts of the UK have been warned to prepare for the possibility of snow as forecasters predict it could hit within weeks. 

Temperatures are expected to plummet and bring frosty conditions as October arrives.

Despite it still being September, snow has already been reported in parts of Scotland.

More could fall in some areas of the UK in the coming weeks, experts say, as things turn chilly – but more wind and rain is on the way first.

Meteorologists suggest a cold front will strike as October begins, bringing a more conventional autumn.

The Met Office has warned that temperatures could plunge by 10C in Yorkshire with snow expected in some areas within the next couple of weeks.

Greg Dewhurst, senior meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “We’re now entering the time of the year when the change in conditions becomes really noticeable.

“As we enter October it certainly will get colder.

“Although snow is not forecast imminently, there is always a real chance in the weeks ahead. It is not uncommon at this time of the year.

“We have already seen snow in Scotland, and we could see some in other parts of the UK further down the line.”

Meteorological expert Dave King said on This Morning: “It is gonna be bitterly cold and very frosty.

“That’s bad news for people with gas and electric because your bills are going through the roof.”

It comes as Brits will be lashed by more torrential downpours on Thursday, amid warnings of ferocious 70mph winds to come and 5mm of rain every hour.