Scotland fans invade Hyde Park in kilts and set off flares as they defy ‘no-go’ area

SCOTLAND fans have invaded London’s Hyde Park after they were left appalled over the lack of fan zone space available for the England-Scotland match.

More than half the population of England and Scotland are expected to tune in to watch Friday night’s Euros clash between the two sides. About 20,000 fans are also expected to watch the game at Wembley on Friday evening.

But fans arriving in London have accused the Mayor of London of providing no facilities to watch the game as thousands of fans stormed Hyde Park. 

Scottish fans had previously demanded Sadiq Khan provide a facility to watch the match at Hyde Park as the traditional Scottish meeting spot of Trafalgar Square will not be accessible this year as it will be used as a socially-distanced, ticketed fan zone for 750 key workers

Video footage shows Scottish fans dressed in kilts and setting off flares ready for the game tomorrow.

The Met Police said they were monitoring the situation and said one arrest has been made so far.