Schoolgirl, 11, took her own life before being found dead in bed

A young girl who took her own life before being found dead in bed had raised concerns about being bullied.

Jessica May Simpson was just 11-years-old when she died at her home in Burscough with an inquest being held to determine the circumstances of her death. 

Preston Coroners Court heard that Jessica may not have actually intended to kill herself and a police investigation concluded there was no one else involved in her death.

LancLive reports that while there were no suspicious circumstances involved, the inquest heard the location of the death and an item used were not consistent with typical suicide attempts. 

Paramedics were called to the home and despite efforts there and at Ormskirk Hospital, she was pronounced dead in the early hours of the following morning.

Mr Taylor read into the record a statement from Jessica’s grandmother, Elizabeth Simpson, who said the youngster would visit her home three days a week before school while her dad worked.

Jessica would go back round after school for tea and biscuits, where she would later be joined by two of her older sisters who went to another school.

Mrs Simpson recalled speaking on the phone to Jessica on the evening of her death and noted that she had seemed quieter than normal, adding: “I just didn’t think she was herself during conversation.”

Summing up her statement, Mr Taylor said: “She described her as a very helpful young girl. She often came around and helped with the cleaning up and things like that.”

A statement read out on behalf of Jessica’s dad, Alan Simpson, described her as a “little rock”.

On the night of her death, he had considered going to bed at around 9pm but after noticing the washing machine hadn’t been switched on, he asked the girls if they wanted to watch a film while they waited for it.

Jessica, who was the youngest, decided she didn’t want to and instead sat in the other living room listening to music and playing on her phone.

When asked again later, she again said she didn’t want to join them and that she was OK.

Shortly after, she was found dead having taken her own life.

Giving evidence at the hearing, Det Insp George Binns said it was routine for police to attend any unexpected or unnatural death and that another inspector had attended and identified no evidence of criminality or third party involvement.

DI Binns followed up the death with the coroner on the morning of March 12 and asked officers to visit the school to follow up a reference she had made to bullying in a note but the school reported it had no records of her being bullied.