Sadness for nation as British inventor dies

Peter Corby, the man who invented the trouser press, has died aged 97.

Launched in the 1960s, the Corby Trouser Press was described as “a man’s best friend” in adverts.

The inventor patented the revolutionary design, which included an electrical heating pad, and it went on to sell millions.

His product would “produce a better appearance of the trousers than known presses”, the patent said.

Mr Corby later sold his business to Jourdan plc, which is now owned by Huddersfield firm Fired Up Corporation.

One Twitter user posted: “RIP Peter Corby. His trouser presses were always like an old friend.”

Another described the product as a “fantastic British invention”.

Mr Corby, from Leamington Spa, joined the RAF’s Volunteer Reserve in September 1943, and was mobilised in February the following year, the Telegraph reports.

After training as a flight engineer, he joined his family business following the war.

He was inspired to create the trouser press after meeting a Concorde engineer who discovered how to prevent the aircraft freezing.