Royal author claims Prince Harry was ‘in love’ with Kate – Meghan was ‘jealous’

A royal author has claimed that Prince Harry was “in love” with Kate and left Meghan feeling “envious” and “jealous” of her sister-in-law. Ingrid Seward is releasing a new book this month called My Mother and I, which documents the late Queen’s relationship with her son, King Charles.

In an interview, the royal author revealed that she does not think the Prince of Wales can forgive Harry for the negative comments about his wife in Harry’s autobiography Spare. In Spare, Harry claimed that Kate made Meghan cry over an ill-fitting bridesmaid’s dress for Princess Charlotte and criticised her for talking about hormones. Seward said: “Unfortunately, it points to Meghan doesn’t it? Maybe Harry was a little in love with Kate.”

The royal author goes on to explain that Harry adored his sister-in-law mentally, rather than physically, and was always hanging around the couple. Seward said: “No, no, no – I don’t mean physically but mentally. Remember when it was just the three of them? He always longed for a sister, he told Diana that. “Psychologically I think he just adored her and he was always there, at Kensington Palace, in their fridge, you know, ‘What’s for supper?’.”

She has often found herself invited to Kensington Palace for private meetings with Princess Diana or skiing with Prince William and Prince Harry, witnessing the two boys grow up. According to The Telegraph, the royal author goes on to explain how Meghan may have been jealous of their home compared to where the Prince and Princess of Wales stayed.

She explains: “I think that Meghan must have been incredibly envious and then jealous of Kate. I heard Meghan actually thought she was going to be a princess and live in Windsor Castle. Instead, there’s William and Kate with this beautiful house, while they are stuck in Nottingham Cottage which Harry used to call “my hovel”. ‘Not Cott’ – which is located on the grounds of Kensington Palace – is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house with a reception, kitchen and compact back garden.

In Meghan and Harry’s Netflix docuseries, the prince jokes about his “bachelor pad” explaining: “As far as people were concerned, we were living in a palace. We were. In a cottage.” When asked if there is any hope of reconciliation between the two brothers Seward replied: “You can never say never but it’s not that easy because they are miles apart.”

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