Queen could take a ‘step back’ from duties after Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, royal historian claims

Her Majesty would have found the service an ordeal which represented a turning point for the monarchy, Professor Sarah Richardson added.

The Monarch, 94, sat alone today as she laid the Duke of Edinburgh, who stood by her side for seven decades of unwavering service, to rest.

University of Warwick’s Prof Richardson said: “To some extent this is the end of a period. The Queen will carry on and she will carry on doing her duty, she’s already gone back to work to some extent.

“I think she will step back more and more, she’s in her mid-90s. Seeing her there solely on her own, when she’s been accompanied by Philip for 70-odd years, I think it represents a turning point.”

Our stoic Queen went back to work four days after Prince Philip died aged 99 last Friday. 

She marked the retirement of her household’s most senior official.

Princes William, 38, and Harry, 36, came face-to-face for the first time since the Duke of Sussex quit royal life – and since his explosive Oprah Winfrey chat.

The pair were kept 12ft apart as they walked behind Prince Philip’s coffin, separated by Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips, 43 – a pal of both.

And they were sat opposite each other in the chapel.