Prince Charles to become ‘quasi-king’ but Queen will NEVER abdicate, royal expert claims

Robert Jobson has said the Duke of Cornwall will do “state visits” on the Queen’s behalf, however there is “no doubt” the monarch will “carry on” following the death of her beloved husband Prince Philip.

Talking to Omid Scobie on ABC’s podcast The Heir Pod, Jobson – who penned the book Prince Philip’s Century – said that there is “scope for change”, suggesting that Charles, 72, will become a “quasi-king”.

“The Prince of Wales will step up, in a way he’s already been doing that for the past five years, but now he truly is the patriarch of the family because the Duke of Edinburgh is dead,” Jobson said.

Scobie responded that Charles – who is the heir to the throne – sits in an “almost between role now”, mentioning that Jobson referred to him as “perhaps a quasi-king” during yesterday’s funeral coverage.

“I mean I say quasi-king, but they’d hate that of course, but you’ve got to try and spell it out to a wider audience,” Jobson said.

“The fact is the Queen doesn’t do state visits anymore, so when Prince Charles goes to America say, he’ll be representing the Queen – that’s pretty much a state visit even though it’s technically not.”

During the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral proceedings at Windsor Castle yesterday, the Queen, 94, paused to look back at her husband’s coffin before entering St George’s Chapel.