Police swoop on 300 teens who turned up to house party after invite was shared on Facebook

Police intervened at a house party attended by approximately 300 teenagers, allegedly organized after the invitation was shared on Facebook.

The unruly youths congregated at the residence outside Brighton on Friday night, causing chaos that left frightened neighbours in distress. Residents reported being assaulted, and their cars were vandalised by the disorderly partygoers in the coastal town of Worthing. Law enforcement swiftly responded to the residence, dispersing the crowds and issuing instructions through megaphones, while ambulances attended to the injured.

Local residents took to social media to condemn the aggressive behaviour of the party attendees. One Facebook user stated, “Just drove through and had the side of my car kicked.” Another shared, “I had mine punched.”

Following the clearance of the party, an 18-year-old man was assaulted, requiring hospitalization. Police are currently working to identify the perpetrator of this attack.

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