Personal trainer, 34, who LED WORKOUTS through lockdown rushed to hospital with Covid

A personal trainer who has branded himself the “fittest in the area” is in hospital after being struck down by coronavirus. 

Dad-of-two Sean Joseph hit the headlines during the first national lockdown as he posted hilarious workout videos of himself in a thong.

The 34-year-old helped thousands pull through the lockdown with his pop music-themed routines, but the Middlesbroughman said he now “needs to help himself” after being hit by the deadly virus. 

The Fat Loss Academy owner developed Covid-19 symptoms, include high temperature and a cough, about 10 days ago.

He described how his condition was “deteriorating” and was given antibiotics at the Covid-19 hub earlier this week.

His condition later rapidly worsened and he was rushed to James Cook University Hospital on Friday.

Sean, who was previously fit and healthy, has now been diagnosed with pneumonia and coronavirus.

Posting an update on his Facebook page on Saturday morning, Sean said: “I woke up and thought it was all a dream until I saw what was around me. 

“34-years-old, one of the fittest in the area with no underlying health problems.

“Now Covid-19 and pneumonia.

“I’ve helped 1,000s over the years but I need to help myself, it’s too early for me to leave.

“I lay here very anxious about what lies ahead. I can’t stop thinking about my two beautiful children, they need me.

“I still believe I should have been hospitalised a lot earlier but unfortunately the 111 system definitely failed me.

“13 calls I made and was told to stay in bed, it was only till I yelled ‘get me an ambulance I can’t breathe’ they reacted.

“I’ve still got the Christmas spirit and have my Heart FM on I just need a Christmas hat dropping off. 

“The staff at James Cook Hospital have been fantastic. 

“Please keep me in your prayers and help me pull through. A very unwell coach.”

Sean has received hundreds of get well soon messages on his social media.

One of his friends, Carl Harris, has also set up a fundraising page to help Sean during the worrying time. 

The 45-year-old told how Sean “took a turn for the worst” and felt “horrendous” whilst battling the virus.

Dad-of-two Carl said: “He’s in the best hands now.

“I was talking to Sean three or four days ago and was saying how it shows it doesn’t matter how fit and healthy you are.

“It can just get a grip of you.

“He’s lucky he’s a fit lad and is fighting it.”