Parents blast residents’ school run wheelie bin blockade

PARENTS have slammed a school-run bin blockade by raging residents after a mum was threatened with a crowbar while picking up her disabled son.

Livid locals fed up with parents parking on their road took matters into their own hands and built the wheelie-bin barricade.

Residents in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, got sick of their quiet cul-de-sac being used as a car park and staged a protest on Monday afternoon.

The homeowners of Halton Place said they had “had enough” of their driveways being blocked by parents.

But mums and dads picking up their kids from Cleethorpes Academy insist “we are doing nothing wrong” and urged the bin protesters to “get a life”.

According to Metro, the street leads onto an emergency access gate for the secondary school, which it repurposed it as an entrance due to the pandemic.

The school said they did so because of “Government restrictions regarding bubble groups and staggered start and finish times” and continue to use it due to the increasing number of students.

Just four parents arrived at the Halton Place exit to pick up their kids from Cleethorpes Academy this afternoon.

Three cars parked on the cul-de-sac for the school-run and no drives were blocked.