Nine-year-old twin son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s friend found dead

THE nine-year-old son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s model friend has mysteriously been found dead, the family said.

Kelly McKee Zajfen, 42, made the heartbreaking announcement on Instagram last Friday after son George was reportedly found “unresponsive” in their home.

“My world is shattered into a million pieces,” the former model and businesswoman said.

“I have little ability to breathe. Walk. Function. Sit. Stand. You were the light of my life.

“Your smile made the room so bright and your heart was the most perfect and sweetest.”

Zajfen wrote that she will: “Try hard for your beautiful twin sister.”

The co-founder of Alliance of Moms has a surviving daughter who has a cardiac condition and wears a pacemaker.

“George had no heart problems that they were aware of. Nobody knows what happened right now,” an anonymous family friend told

The nine-year-old was tragically found “unresponsive” at home and the cause of death remains a mystery, the source said.

“They’re still waiting on the autopsy results,” the source told Daily Mail.