New Tesco squash so strong some shoppers claim it ‘burns’ and is ‘radioactive’

Tesco’s new quadruple-strength fruit squash is so strong parents have said it is burning their kids’ skin and one person even called it “radioactive”.

The supermarket put the new cordial on its shelves last month with 12 flavours which replaced the previous double-strength drink.

It was sold by Tesco as a stronger drink in a smaller bottle with the aim of cutting plastic and just needed to be more diluted.

And the new quadruple strength squash is not just better for the planet, but also the pocket.

When diluted in line with on-pack guidelines, each serving costs just 1.8p, compared to the 2p per serving cost of a classic bottle of double strength.

But many people have not been happy with the new squash option and claimed that its quadruple-strength is causing skin irritations.

“My nephew couldn’t drink the stuff as his mouth started tingling. It’s radioactive to say the least,” wrote Melissa Kent.

There were other similar comments with one mum saying: “Has anyone else been burned by the Tesco quadruple strength squash?”

And Sheila Howell says she was told to seek medical help after her three-year-old grandson got undiluted cordial on his skin.

She claimed: “His skin went bright red and took over an hour to go down. He was in some discomfort. It makes me wonder what happens to your insides when you drink this.”

But Tesco have said that have said there is nothing unusually strong about the new cordial and that there is “nothing to suggest” the new stronger variety could cause any harm.