New strain of Covid, from India, found in UK with 77 cases detected

Health officials have found another new strain of the Covid-19 coronavirus in the UK, a mutation first detected in India.

Public Health England reports 77 cases of the double-mutation B.1.617 strain from New Delhi.

The strain has mutations which could help it spread faster and get rounds immunity from previous infections and vaccination, reports The Mirror. 

The variant is believed to be playing a part in the now surging outbreak in India.

On Wednesday India registered more than 198,000 new cases, more than a third of fresh infections registered across the world.

A spokesman for PHE told the Mirror enhanced contact tracing was in place and the situation is being monitored ‘closely’.

Scientists first identified the Indian variant in March and it was described by the government in New Delhi as a ‘double mutant’.

They suggested that the mutation had formed as a hybrid of two other strains.

The Indian variant has two key mutations – E484Q and L452R.