‘My parents are ashamed after Tony left wife for me’ says love triangle refugee

A UKRAINIAN refugee at the centre of a bitter love triangle says her parents are ashamed of her for breaking up the relationship of a couple that offered her a home.

Sofiia Karkadym, 22, moved in with Tony Garnett, 29, and his missus Lorna after they offered to sponsor her UK stay.

Ten days later, Lorna, 28, accused the blonde IT worker of setting her sights on her man.

Sofiia packed her bags, but Lorna was left heartbroken after security guard Tony followed her out of the door.

Sofiia, who fled Lviv and crossed to Poland as war with Russia raged, has now told The Sun she has been accused of putting UK families off hosting Ukraine’s refugees and disowned by her own family.

She added: “My parents said they were ashamed and cannot even go outside because of me.

“They say that because of me nobody in the UK will take in Ukrainians.

“Every UK family will now think ‘I can’t take in a refugee because she will take my husband from me’. It’s more than about me, Tony and Lorna.

“It’s deeper. It’s about everything, about the war, refugees, helping people, everything.

“In my country, it is important for refugees to get the help they need and this has done the opposite.

“You cannot understand what I feel. It’s your country, you have your family here, you have everything here.

“And now I have people writing to me saying I’m a horrible person, that I did a bad thing for my country.

“Everyone in the UK is thinking the same thing because I take man from the family­­­ — ­but all of this is lies.”