‘Murdered’ Libby Squire’s distraught mum recalls harrowing moment she ‘knew SOMETHING SERIOUS had happened’ to daughter

Lisa Squire, 49, had taken her daughter back to Hull University just four days before she was allegedly raped, murdered and dumped in a river by Pawel Relowicz.

In a statement read to Sheffield Crown Court, she recalled how she knew something was wrong when Libby failed to return her messages and calls.

She had also received a call from Libby’s pals just after 1am on February 1, 2019, saying she had gone missing and that the police had been called.

The nurse, from High Wycombe, Bucks, said: “I knew something wasn’t right and told her friend to call the taxi company, they had been to her favourite taxi companies and they had contacted the police.

“We made the decision not to panic and go straight to Hull as she could have gone to another friend’s house.

“I knew she had a lecture that day and would never miss a lecture so if she didn’t go to that something would be seriously wrong.

“We travelled to Hull and knew something serious had happened. It was not in her character and she was not answering her texts or calls.

“She was planning her future and was in the best place in her life she had ever been.”

Lisa told how she was reluctant to let her daughter go to university in 2017 to study philosophy and religion as she had struggled with mental health issues.

She revealed at one stage of Libby’s battle with an eating disorder and self-harming, she “never thought I would have her for the rest of our lives”.

But jurors heard determined Libby was in a “really good place” and had enjoyed a gap year travelling to Paris.

Lisa said: “Libby was always funny and had a wicked sense of humour. She could make everybody laugh.

“She had the ability to put people at ease and could talk to anyone. She was a girly girl, a real people person.

“Libby loved life at university and settled in well. She worked hard and enjoyed her course.

“She enjoyed nights out and would get drunk like any normal student.”

Lisa also told of her “special bond” with her museum-loving daughter who wanted a career in journalism.

She said: “We were that in sync with each other I would describe us as being as one.”

Jurors heard today Relowicz, 26, was seen on CCTV on February 1, 2019, “stalking” the drunk student, 19, before he “darted” across the road to “intercept” her, it was said.

The court heard just minutes later, she was driven to playing fields by Relowicz in his silver Vauxhall Astra.

It was in this remote spot he allegedly raped Libby, who was “scared of the dark and terrified of the water”, and dumped her “dead or dying” in the River Hull.

She was discovered six weeks later on March 20 in the Humber estuary by a fishing boat – a gold necklace bearing the letter ‘L’ still hanging around her neck.

A post mortem could not establish a cause of death but DNA matching Relowicz was found on her, it was said.

Jurors heard today how witness Sam Alford reported hearing a “series of screams” coming from the secluded field.

Richard Wright QC, prosecuting, said: “They were distant screams but they were loud screams.

“Mr Alford recalled them as frantic screams that had urgency and had depth.

“There were gaps between them and there were several of them.”