Mum’s fury as daughter threatened with detention on first day for ‘too short’ skirt

A mum has spoken of her fury after her daughter was handed a detention note as her skirt was deemed too short on her first day back in school.

Tammy Humphreys’ daughter arrived home from school on Monday with a note saying she would be sent to detention if she wore the same outfit again.

Her daughter’s black skirt was said to be too short as it was above the knee rather than being knee-length as the school’s uniform policy states.

Tammy said she “couldn’t believe it” when her daughter told her she would be sent to detention if she wore the skirt again, North Wales Live reports. 

The mum, from Gwynedd, Wales, said it was the same type of skirt her daughter had worn the previous year, only a size up.

Tammy shared a picture of her daughter in the school uniform she had worn that day, which received more than 100 incredulous responses on Facebook.

The Year 8 pupil is one of 18 students at the school who were given a detention warning over their uniform.

Tammy said: “My daughter returned from her first day back in school on Monday and told me she had been given detention for her uniform, which didn’t make sense to me as she looked completely fine.

“Then I found that a few other pupils had been given detention for the same reason – with one pupil warned for wearing ankle socks.

“Some of the others, I’m told, were given detention for wearing piercings, too much make-up and trainers, which is more understandable.