A furious mum has told how she was slapped with a £75 fine for letting her daughter cycle around an empty pub car park.

Tracy Smith says she thought nothing of letting daughter Elsie ride around the car park at Perranporth’s Green Parrot JD Wetherspoon pub, in Cornwall. 

But Tracy was shocked after being hit with a £75 fine from car park operator Euro Car Parks for parking her car without paying regardless of the circumstances and has been told since that she has no option but to pay it.

Tracy, who has lost her job due to the pandemic, said: “In these times when communities are clubbing together to help people that have lost their jobs big companies are still trying to rinse it in, reports Cornwall Live.

“I had to take my van to the garage for an MoT which I couldn’t afford anyway as both myself and husband have lost our jobs due to lockdown, but on our way we thought we would just let our four-year-old girl have a ride on her bike in the empty, unused car park.

“As the pub is closed we thought nothing of it. There is nowhere safe in Perranporth for her to go bike riding and as we’re not allowed to travel to any of the wooded bike parks we normally use. The car park is an ideal safe place while it was unused.

“I can’t believe we had a fine a few days later when we was there for half an hour.

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting in these current times. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, we have no jobs and can only go out from our doorstep and now we’re being penalised for trying to give our daughter some exercise on her bike.

“The worse thing was we only live up on St George’s Hill and we could have walked down. It was only because we were heading to the garage we took the van – o frustrating.

“I’m shocked and would have understood it if we’d gone off to the beach or something. These companies are hitting people for genuine mistakes.”

Tracy has since contacted Euro Car Parks but been told she has no option but to pay.

Euro Car Parks says it is not able to assist  Cornwall Live  via telephone and has not yet replied to two separate emails sent to the address given.

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