Moment fuming holidaymakers are caught in sunbed dash ‘false start’

THE battle for sunbeds is a manic scene that plays out at hotel swimming pools every morning.

Now holidaymakers in Tenerife have been spotted in a “false start” as they queued up with their towels to try and save the best spots around the pool.

In a video on TikTok, guests at Paradise Park, Los Cristianos, are seen waiting for the moment the pool is open before throwing their towels onto the sun loungers.

Meanwhile, anyone who slept in, will likely miss out on comfort around the pool for the day as one onlooker said the sunbeds filled up in 30 seconds.

Sharing hilarious commentary of the sunbed dash, Jen, from Scotland, said: “Here we chuffing go. Oh no, it’s a false start, it’s a false start. They’ve been sent back.

“The man is not happy. He’s very dramatic. Somebody had let the ribbon go when they weren’t supposed to. Deary me, the dramas.

“The crowds have gathered, tension’s high, the nerves are palpable.

“This wee man in the blue T-shirt has all the control.”

She added: “Ooh another false start, back we go again.

“Oh they’ve just went for it, here we go, here we go.

“And this is how we fill an entire pool in about 30 seconds.”

And social media users have been left stunned by the crowd of holidaymakers’ early morning dedication.

One said: “This kind of holiday is my idea of actual hell.”

A second added: “Lord I couldn’t think of anything worse. I love your narrating though.”

A third wrote: “I wouldn’t even embarrass myself doing that lol, anywhere a good seat in the sun.”