Meghan and Prince Harry caught out in awkward new US pictures

You have to hand it to Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: They’re consistent. 

That is, consistent in their seeming unwillingness to bow to any sort of public pressure or public feeling when it comes to the more extravagant elements of their lives.

Or perhaps the more apt adjective is, impervious to criticism because today, again, the Sussexes, for whom climate change is a key philanthropic focus, are facing accusations of hypocrisy after indulging in their penchant for private jet travel.

Deja vu anyone?

In 2019, the couple sparked the initial Private Jet-gate after Harry gave a speech, reportedly barefoot, about the climate threat at a conference of Wall Street and Silicon Valley powerbrokers, after which the couple promptly took four private jets in 11 days as they zipped around Europe on holidays.

Awkward then when Harry weeks later went to Amsterdam to launch his eco-travel initiative, Travelyst.

The duo then proceed to stick to their (expensive) guns since. In March last year they arrived in Los Angeles via Tyler Perry’s $205 million Embraer-E190 jet and in August, Harry travelled to a charity polo match in Aspen via US businessman Marc Ganzi’s 20-seater $84 million Gulfstream.

Now today, pictures have emerged of the couple on the tarmac after landing in Los Angeles after their three day trip to New York via, you guessed it, private jet.

Clearly, two years of regular press and social media clamouring about this double standard seems to have had zero impact on their decision-making (last year, research by Save On Energy named the Sussexes as the least eco-friendly members of the royal house).

Never mind that there are more than 300 direct flights daily between the two cities every day; never mind that Harry, in the past, travelled domestically in the US on commercial flights including, gasp, in economy.

Harry and Meghan seem to have absolutely zero interest in making any sort of concession on this particular front, resolutely sticking to their “do as we say, not as we fly” approach.

The stunning irony here is that one of the very reasons that the self-exiled members of the royal family had been in New York was to attend the Global Citizen Live concert where they called for vaccine equality.