Man dies after falling 50ft from cable car ride in front of children at theme park

A 32-year-old man has died two days after he was filmed hanging from a cable car ride which he eventually fell from.

The unnamed visitor to the Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah, died on Monday from injuries he sustained when he plunged 50ft to the ground from the cable car, in front of families. 

Video footage shows the man dangling from the car’s safety bar as he’s filmed by a passing rider. He did not, however, appear to be struggling to get back on the ride, and instead appeared calm as the seat he was dangling from passed by the camera.

According to police the man was in the park with his family at the time, although he was riding the cable car alone. The video footage of him does not show the moment he fell.

His family has asked authorities not to release his identity, according to Local 12 News, and police are still trying to work out how the man ended up dangling from the cable car.

It’s unclear if he let go of the bar deliberately or fell after being unable to climb back in, according to investigations.

Cops say they received multiple calls from the theme park reporting that a man had fallen from the ride, which transports guests from one side of the park to the other.

Officers and paramedics arrived at the scene and the man was eventually airlifted to the University of Utah hospital, where he was listed as being in a critical condition. 

Both police and Lagoon officials said it did not appear the ride malfunctioned, and an investigation into the man’s death is underway as questions remain about the incident.

Authorities noted a toxicology tests will be conducted as part of an autopsy. They have also said it does not appear his fall was intentional.

All the rides are checked every day and have safety information ‘either printed or said verbally’, said Adam Leishman, a spokesman for Lagoon in an interview with Fox 13.

He added: ‘Our hearts go out to that man’s family and friends, and our guests and our employees that witnessed the incident.’

The Sky Ride has operated without incident since it was first installed at the park in 1974, Leishman noted.