Loose Women’s Denise Welch sparks outrage as she brands the Queen’s behaviour as “cruel” and “ridiculous”

Loose Women panellist Denise Welch has called out Queen Elizabeth for “hypocrisy” while branding the Queen’s behaviour as “cruel” and “ridiculous” – sparking much debate from fans.

Taking to Twitter, the controversial Loose Woman posted a tweet that criticised the Queen for a picture she had taken during Prince Philip’s funeral last year.

Denise, 63, said that the photo was taken to make people feel guilty for breaking any Covid-19 rules, because the monarch was unable to host a traditional funeral for her late husband.

At the time of Prince Philip’s funeral, which took place on April 17, 2021, the Queen sat alone during the service and wore a mask to follow the restrictions that were in place at the time.

Taking to Twitter, Denise said: “The Queen must have known this was totally and utterly unnecessary, cruel & ridiculous though as a few weeks later she was happy to mingle at her grand old age.”

Alongside the short caption, Denise posted two photographs – the first being of the Queen wearing a mask while sitting alone in the Cathedral for her husband’s funeral.

The second snap saw the Queen standing maskless among a group of politicians, which was allegedly taken a few weeks after Philip’s funeral.

Some people agreed with Denise’s remarks, while others were left fuming at her “harsh” comments. One person said: “There was absolutely no need for her to sit alone as rules at the time allowed her to be accompanied by persons in her support bubble.”

Another penned: “I’m sorry to say but her sitting alone at the funeral was all theatre. It was all about looking to do the right thing as the whole nation was watching.”

A third person agreed: “The whole being on her own at church just felt so performative. Like so much else this past couple of years.”

Someone then branded the Loose Woman “harsh” when they replied: “This is so harsh, she follows rules like majority of us. Why would we not believe until proven otherwise.

“We had scientists telling us what we should do. Some of us elderly do anything to stay well we are not all lucky enough to ignore rules.”

While someone else disagreed with Denise’s tweet and said: “Yes @RealDeniseWelch I’m sure the Queen sat alone at the love of her life’s funeral just to prove a point! Maybe she was just doing her best to lead by example like others should have.”