Leisure centre fed up with foreign swimmers parading around naked in front of kids

A leisure centre in Poland, enforcing a strict no-stripping-off policy, has issued a gentle reminder to foreign visitors to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere while using the swimming facilities. The venue has reported instances of individuals from the Czech Republic disregarding the regulation and undressing in the communal locker rooms.

The establishment has a specific guideline in place, requiring people to change from their underwear to swimsuits discreetly behind a curtain. However, it appears that Czech nationals may be crossing the border into Poland for a swim, leading to a clash of cultural norms.

To address this issue, a notice has been displayed in Czech at the ticket office, located approximately four miles from the border. The sign politely requests guests from the Czech Republic to adhere to the rule of changing in private cabins behind curtains rather than in the shared locker rooms. This information was reported by the local newspaper Nowa Trybuna Opolska (NTO).

Małgorzata Halek-Malinowska, the director of Prudnik’s municipal sports agency, expressed concerns about the disregard for the established rules. She highlighted the potential discomfort caused, particularly since the changing rooms are shared by both adults and children using the pool. Halek-Malinowska emphasized the need for compliance with the regulations and the lack of a separate area for adults.

Responding to the situation, a young Czech woman defended the cultural differences, stating that in their country, changing in front of children is not considered offensive. She confirmed that during her visits to the Prudnik pool, she had not witnessed any Polish swimmers undressing, even in the showers.

Conversely, a man residing on the Polish side of the border recounted an incident where he observed a father taking his daughter to the shower area despite the presence of naked men nearby. He remarked that such situations could be awkward for others and suggested a more considerate approach.

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