A lamb had to be put down by a farmer in Cornwall after it was chased off a cliff by a dog not on a lead.

The dog is said to have charged at the lamb on the cliffs near Duckpool Cove, Bude, on April 3, causing it to fall and become badly hurt. The RSPCA said it was too dangerous for them to carry out a rope rescue of the animal due to landslides in the area.

The farmer then shot the lamb more than 48 hours later. Vicky Davidson, a resident of the area, has now said the response should have been quicker, as the lamb was left to suffer in the ‘bitter cold’. 

Ms Davidson said: ‘This lamb was stuck on a ledge and injured for two days until the Monday when the farmer finally came down and shot it. It was left with no food, water, in the cold and left to die basically.

‘We wanted to make as much noise as we could to highlight that dogs need to be on the lead and we thought surely the RSPCA should have a responsibility to rescue any animal.

‘There was so much chatter in Bude and so many people were crying for help that it became a big thing. People were visiting this lamb and it was still alive two days later, it’s pitiful really.’

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