Killer knifeman GUILTY of stabbing dad-of-3 to death over parking row

A CRAZED neighbour has today been found guilty of murdering a dad-of-three after warning he would carry out a “massacre”.

Can Arslan, 52, sat on Matthew Boorman’s lifeless body and smoked a “triumphant” cigarette after knifing him 27 times.

The monster then continued the bloody rampage – slashing at Matthew’s wife Sarah as she desperately tried to pull him off her husband.

He also stabbed local Peter Marsden eight times after forcing his way into his home in Walton Cardiff near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

After he was arrested, barefoot Arslan could be seen laughing in chilling bodycam footage as he told cops:  “He is dead, isn’t he?

“I warned you, the police. One year. Look, it happened.”

Arslan has now been found guilty of murdering 43-year-old Matthew following a trial at Bristol Crown Court.

He had already pleaded guilty to attempted murder and GBH with intent and affray.

Sarah Boorman today hit out at police for failing to stop his killer despite numerous warnings.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct confirmed they are Gloucestershire Constabulary’s response to the horror.

Speaking after the knife thug was convicted of murder today, the mum said: “On the 5th October 2021, Matthew’s life was stolen from him by the defendant, and he was cruelly taken from us.

“We will never be the same without him, but as we move forward and learn how to cope without him, we fight in his name to expose not only the malice and cruelty of the man that did this, but also the failings in the system that let this happen.”

She also paid tribute to her husband who “radiated enthusiasm and had a real zest for life”.

Sarah added: “He loved to celebrate life, and fill the house with both music and laughter.

“Perhaps what people will remember most of all about Matt is his smile. His energy, his love, his laughter – a very proud father of his children.

“He truly lived life to the max and lived for his children. Evenings and weekends would be spent together as a family. 

“Matt’s death is truly shocking. He was so young and had such a bright future ahead of him.

“Today and for the rest of my life I’m mourning the loss of my husband. Our family and friends have been sentenced to a lifetime of grief.”

The court heard how fed-up locals had been trying to evict Arslan for 12 years due to his anti-social behaviour.

The spat erupted following a row over a “shared drive” but had continued to escalate with repeated threats to kill his neighbours.

On October 5, the monster was captured in harrowing CCTV as he launched into the frenzied attack.

The brute was described as “a man acting as a Terminator, and terminating his neighbours in a very rational and controlled way”.

After killing Matthew and knifing his wife, rampaging Arslan stalked the housing estate hunting for his next victim.

He stabbed Peter Marsden before brave off-duty cops tried to subdue him with golf clubs and wooden slabs.

Fuelled by “anger and revenge”, Arslan only dropped the bloody knife when cops arrived and a “red dot” of a Taser was pointed at him.

The smirking fiend then told officers: “I warned them I was going to murder him”.

He then claimed he was in “special forces” and warned the “motherf****r” officers there is a “bounty on your heads”.

Arslan also pleaded with cops not to place the handcuffs around the front as he has “arthritis” before he was taken away in the back of a police car.

He repeated the chilling claims while in custody, saying: “I warned you people were going to die tonight.

“More people are going to die tonight. There are contracts on their head.

“I told you I was going to murder him. I was a sniper in the army and I told him not to mess with me. I killed 50 people in the Kurdish army.”

Arslan spread a bizarre web of lies after his arrest and even claimed his teddy bear had told him to kill.

He also said he had taken an overdose and was hospitalised but medics found that he did not seem to be on any kind of drug.

His claims he was suicidal and suffered from PTSD, flashbacks and amnesia were branded “nonsense”.

Arslan pleaded not guilty to murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility – forcing Matthew’s family to hear harrowing details of his final moments.

But a psychiatric assessment found that he was alert and had no psychotic symptoms.

He has been diagnosed with a personality disorder but knew the difference between right and wrong and was in control of his actions.

Arslan was detained at Broadmoor Hospital to be sentenced on June 9.