Katie Price’s tragic pets’ lives as people sign petition to ban her owning animals

A petition calling for Katie Price to be banned from owning pets has received over 20,000 signatures so far.

The petition was launched last year after her pet bulldog Precious was found dead. Now she has been pictured with a tiny new puppy called Captain. 

Precious wasn’t the first pet of hers to meet a tragic ending and some people are furious about her history with pets.

She was recently seen galloping along on her horse with her pet chihuahua stuffed under her coat.

Katie is said to be “devastated” that people don’t think she should be allowed to have pets and a rep of her told the Mirror that it was “incorrect” to say she was not an animal lover.

Here we take a look at some of the controversies Katie has had surrounding her pets.

Katie is believed to have come to the conclusion that her pet chameleon died of a broken heart after her ex-husband Peter Andre moved out.

The lost lizard had to cope with Katie and Peter’s two kids Princess and Junior moving out with him and one source believes the model thinks this was too much for the camouflaged chameleon.

A source told The Sun: “Marvin didn’t go with Junior when he moved in with his dad over the summer – and now Katie thinks that the reptile has died of a broken heart.

“However, with all of her money troubles Katie has been unable to heat her mansion, and chameleons needs to be warm at all times.”

In 2020, Katie’s daughter Princess’ beloved puppy Rolo died after getting stuck under an armchair.

The famous model turned into a temporary vet as she fought hard to resuscitate the French bulldog after finding him lifeless. She explained she was in another room while Bunny played with the dog in front of other responsible adults.

Katie said: “There was nothing they [the vets] could do, but they did say he wouldn’t have died in pain, it was quick,”

Bunny is another of Katie’s daughters and not another pet believed to be under threat.

Rolo was bought to comfort Princess with the pain of losing her beloved Alsatian, Sparkle.

Sparkle came a cropper thanks to the nearby A24 and was killed after a previous escape attempt ended in a near miss.

Announcing Sparkle’s tragic death, Katie said: “Hey guys, really [expletive] off this morning. I’ve just woken up to realise that one of my dogs has been killed on the road.

“I’ve just checked with the neighbours and everything seems to be how it was when they left the dogs so I don’t know how they escaped but yeah, one of my Alsatians has been hit and killed.

“I was away last night with my PA and I left my neighbours to feed the dogs because that’s what they do when I’m not there.”

Sparkle’s half-sister Bear was thankfully recovered by a policeman on the dangerous road. Katie later rehomed the dog in April 2019.

Sadly, Katie’s horse also fell foul of the nearby death road after it escaped from a field in 2014.

The star was understandably heartbroken when images of her dead horse were shared online after it escaped and was struck by a motorist.