Kate Middleton’s silent gesture at memorial showed deep respect for Queen 

During her time in the Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge appears to have struck up a sweet bond with the Queen. 

Despite the age difference, Kate seemingly has a lot in common with her husband Prince William’s grandmother including photography and dogs. 

And it appears that Kate was keen to show her deep respect for Her Majesty at Prince Philip’s memorial service last week – but she did it in a silent yet powerful way.

Royal fans spotted that as the Queen entered Westminster Abbey for the service last week, Kate performed a deep yet discreet curtsy towards Her Majesty.

Footage from the service shows Kate bobbing down to perform the gesture as the Queen passed by her as she walked to her seat.

Shortly afterwards, as the Queen passed by Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, and her daughter Lady Louise Windsor, they too curtsied towards her.

However, not all royal women were seen performing the gesture for the Queen as she entered the Abbey for the memorial service.

And the rules surrounding who should curtsy and when may explain this.

They are only performed to the monarch on their “first meeting of the day” – this means it’s likely that Kate, Sophie and Louise hadn’t seen the Queen that day before they curtsied.