Kate Garraway’s husband in horror accident

Kate Garraway has told of the horrifying moment her disabled husband fell out of his wheelchair in a taxi.

The Good Morning Britain host described how “distressed” Derek Draper ended up on the floor of the cab.

Kate had been forced to call a wheelchair-friendly taxi after being faced with a five-hour wait to take Derek home from hospital.

But things took a shocking turn when disabled Derek ended up on the floor after the taxi went over a speed bump.

She opened up about the incident on today’s show after a debate about 999 callers using their own transport because of ambulance waiting times.

“I’ve used a lot of cabs for Derek to go to and from the hospital because the mobility services are very, very delayed,” said Kate.

“If you try to book an official car you can sometimes be waiting five hours.

“He was in a lot of pain, so it wasn’t sustainable to wait. We took a cab home from the hospital, went over a speed bump and he slipped out of the wheelchair.

“It’s hard to deal with.”

Kate added: “I should say Derek was fine by the way. Distressed, but fine.”

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