Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show taken off air

Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 chat show was taken off air on Monday morning after a ‘significant’ power shortage at ITN Productions.

The daily programme was replaced with re-runs of Million Pound Home and reality series Police Interceptors after the power and back-up generator reportedly crashed.

Staff at ITN studios received an email at 8.30am which said there had been a technical disruption at the building in Gray’s Inn Road in central London.

The presenter addressed the delay on Twitter and uploaded a picture of several staff members working elsewhere.

‘Power cut @ITNProductions so we are all in reception. Here’s hoping @JeremyVineOn5 is with you at 0915,’ he wrote.

However, there were still no signs of improvement hours later.

Naturally, fans responded to the schedule change, as one person wrote: ‘Was wondering why my daily dose isn’t forth coming.’

‘For some reason, we can’t get your programme!! Can’t bare it. We never miss,’ another added.

Channel 5 have said in a statement: ‘Due to a major power outage Channel 5 is unable to broadcast Jeremy Vine this morning. We apologise for the change in today’s schedules.’

Vine updated fans on social media later on, and wrote: ‘In @itn reception earlier waiting for news that power had been restored — still, a good chance to catch up with broadcast buddy @StormHuntley.’