I left my partner for a Ukrainian refugee… now I’ve moved ANOTHER woman in with us

A dad-of-two who left his partner for a Ukrainian refugee they were hosting has now moved in ANOTHER young woman from the war ravaged country.

Former security guard Tony Garnett, 29, sacked off partner Lorna Garnett, 28, the mum of their two daughters, for Sofiia Karkadym, after just 10 days.

The unemployed dad told how it was love at first sight with the 22-year-old who he has now vowed to marry, despite it “shattering” his family.

But astonishingly the dad has now got Sofiia Rastorhuieva, 19, and her boyfriend Illia Tronevych, 18, bunking with him in Bradford, West Yorks.

Tony took in the pair after coming across an appeal on Facebook saying how they had been kicked out of their host family home in the same city, the Daily Mail reported.

Love rat Tony told the Mail: “I know people see me as this sort of cheeky chappy who hops from bed to bed because I left my partner Lorna and two daughters.

“Nothing could be further from the truth.”

New housemate Sofiia claims their former hosts only let them sleep on a small sofa bed and they were forced to do washing, laundry and cleaning.

She added: “I am glad that Tony and Sofiia have come to help us. We were very unhappy at that place… We had nowhere to go.”

Boyfriend Illia also praised Tony for opening his home up to the couple.

But he explained they are in dire straits as they have “no chance” of getting a credit or debit card despite being desperate to work.

Tony’s girlfriend Sofiia explained having two more Ukrainians under their rood means “I don’t feel so lonely and miss home”.

The dad-of-two insists his relationship with ex Lorna had broken down before he ran off with Sofiia.